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704 Cromwell Dr Ste D
Greenville NC
Business Description
Attorney Lisa Hennessy Fitzpatrick practices in Pitt County as well as surrounding counties. Her practice experience focuses on representing clients in areas of law such as divorce, family law, adoptions, child custody and visitation, equitable distribution, premarital and postnuptial agreements, domestic violence, guardianships and more. She is aggressive and intelligent in the courtroom, but is also compassionate and caring in all that she does for her clients. She is a zealous advocate for her clients and devotes the necessary time to each client’s case, no matter how big or small. The client gets to deal directly with the attorney on their matter. Attorney Fitzpatrick is aware that family law issues can be extremely confrontational and unpleasant. When emotions are flying and your children, family and marital estate are at risk, you need a family law attorney with trial experience who stays on top of changes in the law. The Law Office of Lisa Hennessy Fitzpatrick is here to help. Call today!
Family Law
Divorce (Contested & Uncontested)
Child Custody & Visitation
Child Support
Spousal Support
Post-Separation Support
Separation Agreements
Equitable Distribution
Domestic Violence
Prenuptial Agreements
Speeding Tickets
Traffic Offenses
Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Other Appointment Times Available Upon Request

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